Apples, birds and Easter

I've been working on trying to improve my drawing and painting skills over Easter.

I started off with an apple... and spent ages trying to see the different tones. This helped by taking a photo of it and printing it off black and white. I then drew over the apple selecting 5 different tones, and using these as a guide when drawing. I repeated the images several times using coloured pencil, felt tip, and then watercolour.

I'm not too sure of the pencil images, but I did start to like the use of watercolour at the end.




I then wanted to practise using watercolour a bit more, so copied images other people had painted of birds. I then developed the images of seagulls I'd done earlier, by painting them with watercolour. I've discovered I actually enjoy using watercolour, and the way it flows on the paper... now I understand the difference between paints (from the mark making tasks).

My favourite images is the seagull on the top right. I think the combination of delicate watercolour, shading and dark outline makes it really illustrative in style, whilst still looking realistic.

I finished off my Easter session by making a collage from all the left over Easter egg wrapping.

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  1. I love the seagull, he looks rather mischievous! :)