Am getting a little frustrated from studying a distance course, and clearly see benefits to the classroom setting.

I have found some of the course material hard to work with, leaning from patronisingly simple instructions
"now clean up your equipment and put your work away"

to very confusing
"... make textural drawings as you did in stage 3, then make textural studies ..." with no reference to a textural drawing in stage 3, only what seems to be textural studies!

Overall there seems to be so many terms for things... stages, exercises, projects, assignements, work, modules, assessments ... without clarity of what is what or a standard way of calling one thing the same term throughout. And it makes things harder when you feel there's no-one who you can ask these simple questions to, without feeling like a pest, or being told to "use your intuition". Intuition is fine, but I think there should either be very clear instructions or it should say "Use your intuition to make marks from sketchbook images"

I now have a nasty feeling this has made me behind in my work. I have just finished project 1 (thinking it was on time) to now think when the tutor said module, she may of been refering to assignment, not project!


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