Since I've started the course I've been seeing inspiration everywhere.

I watched the BCC Van Gogh film the other day and was amazed about the quality of life he led, being poor most of his life, sometimes not having enough money for food. It's so sad he only sold his paintings when he was dead. Makes me annoyed at the ridiculousness of art. And how it can be appreciated in fickle "what's in fashion" way.


Damien Hirst has a cafe in Ilfracombe, decorated with his gorgeous butterflies. They are made of thousands of butterflies on a gold leaf background, arranged in amazing patterns to look like stain glass windows.

He also has prints of these on sale for £20,000. What annoys me about this is how someone can sell a print (that he has had someone else make) for £20,000... whilst they are beautiful, the price people pay is because it's a Damien Hirst. It makes art seem too pretentious and kind of devalues work of the talented un-famous artists. I sadly guess this was the same in Van Gogh's day.

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