Marks from images

I've been attempting to make textured marks from images ... bubbles, a Van Gogh painting, and a magazine cutting of spilt nail varnish.



I adore bubbles, and this picture a friend took. I tried to capture the delicateness of the bubble as well as the colours. I started off playing with oil paint, by suspending it in water and floating paper on top. This did create an interesting colour - similar to an oil slick on the road, but failed to appear fragile enough. I then paint simple bubbles using watercolour on wet paint, allowing the colours to merge. I also experimented painting iridescent acrylic medium or top, along with nail varnish, to try to get the sheen on the bubble... but I think the plain watercolour ones look the best.



My next image was a Van Gogh image, in which I attempted to capture the big bold strokes on the painting. I started out using oil paints, but wasn't happy as the colours merged together more than I wanted them to, leaving less definition of brush strokes. I then used tiny pieces of crepe paper arranged in circle, to similar the brush strokes. I think this method worked well, however would be better on a larger scale, or using smaller pieces of paper.



Whilst I love this image, I found it very hard to try to create a glossy texture without using anything shiny. First I tried to break it down to see the varnish as red and the light as white ... which I painted using gouache, and think it looked awful! The top varnish looks better than the bottom, but it still doesn't feel as glamorous as it should. I then used what I learnt from my accident with oil paints reacting with other paints. I coated the paper with a layer of white oil paint, then brushed red gouache on top, adding more water on the right ... this naturally made the red paint split into lines and patterns. I then finished it off with some red and iridescent glitter ... to add the missing glamour!

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