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I'm a big collector of things I find outside, and recently developed a passion for seedheads and dried (dead?) flowers and leaves. I love the fact that something can look so beautiful without any colour. I drew this image in my sketchbook and thought the image would good digitalized, to emphasis the lace like quality of the flower. I then copied the image with ink and a feather on tracing paper, to try to capture the fragileness of the flower. The paper was a bit crinkled so I tried to iron it flat, and in doing so I the ink stuck to the other paper. I think this effect looks great, by removing some more of the ink, it gives the image a much more delicate feel.



I collect, photo'd and dried loads of seaweed a while ago ... as I was amazed by all the different types of seaweed found on one beach. For this mark making exercise, I took a rubbing from the seaweed all over the page, then tried to recreate the little pockets, by adding papier-mache to rolled up paper and bubble wrap and painted with acrylic. The effect doesn't look that visually stimulating, but the texture of the bubble wrapped mache feels exactly the same as the seaweed air pockets... and I managed to use just enough (but not too much) mache, that they are still!



I played around with recreating the hundreds of windows I can see from my lounge window, by cutting windows from paper (folded and cut like you do with a snowflake), printed using windows cut from funky foam, then I used graphite to do a rubbing of the funky foam shape. Whilst I think the windows are a little boring, it would be an interesting experiment to create other (more exciting) patterns out of loads of medium.

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