Project 1 - achievements

The biggest thing I got from project 1 is that it has changed (or is rather changing) the way of I think about drawing. Before I started, drawing / painting was about making proper images with pen, pencil, or a paint brush. But doing the exercises has made me aware that beautiful images can be made using a variety of methods. I'm still not comfortable in using the term drawing for these, but if i think "making a mark" it opens up the possibilities. I had not thought about using these methods before, and being told to do them for the course has somehow validated different ways of mark making.

I think i tried to be inventive with the way i made marks and the range of media I used, but found the openness of the task a bit daunting. I did use a lot of media that I had never used before so the process was very experimental, and there are lots of methods I would like to experiment with further. My favourite methods were the rubbings, prints and the way different medias worked together, for example the way gouache reacts with oil paint. I think i particularly liked these because the results were surprising and random. I would be interested to do this task again in a year or so, to see how different the results are with added confidence.

I enjoyed working from images and objects, but found it extremely difficult to work from words. Maybe this is just the way I think, or maybe it's just because this is the start of my course (and the first time I've drawn for years) and I need time to loosen up and get my confidence?

I feel this process will add to my textile work in a few ways, firstly but adding depth and interest to my sketchbooks and ideas, but secondly because many of them can be used directly on textiles, i.e. printing, texture with fabric collage, mixed paints etc. I also think the process has made me look at things in a different way, seeing objects as marks instead of the whole.

I'm very excited to get going on the next stage.

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