September sketchbook

In the process of getting my sketchbook right, I've tried using several different sketchbooks and I've been swinging from A3 to A5 ... but still not completely happy. I think A3 can be too daunting and either encourages me to makes marks for the sake of it, or leaves too much white space. I think i may settle on A4, using 2 pages if I need to go larger. I'm surprised at home much time and passion this has taken up!



I've been working on basic drawing skills by copying people, hands, my little girls doll, etc and I can really see how practise can improve my drawing. I've also been practising catching movement, by drawing my rabbits as they run around and do different moves. This has been great fun, although they move so quick I've had to cheat by videoing them then freezing the frames to get a "still" of certain poses. I really love these images, and it's something that might be able to be transformed into cute little embroidery images. Maybe along the bottom of a dress for my little girl, or for me??? :-)

(I've just brought a dip pen and ink and it feels beautiful, so can't wait to get started drawing with that.)


I added things I found that inspire me, and might be useful at a later date. From the pretty ruffles in a Sunday magazine, to the raised imprints on a wine bottle wrapping - which remind me of a printing press (that prints and embosses) ... something I've always wanted!



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