Assignment 1 - Tutor feedback

It was a pleasure to receive your work after following your very informative online blog.

I know you have had problems that have prevented you from tackling the course until now, and as you were registered in March this year it is essential now that you set your self a timetable and try to stick to it. Your course manual gives an idea of the minimum time to spend on each section.

You seem to have spent a lot of time on research and your sketchbook which is an excellent way to start a course but practical work does need to run along side it.

Your learning log on the blog is very self critical, give yourself praise too, this is a learning process so not everything is going to come easy at first. It must have taken you ages for the learning log, have you kept a record of the amount of time taken to do the work. It’s very easy to get engrossed in something you love and find interesting that time flies by.

Your computer literacy shines through and a lot of students can find this area difficult. Please ensure everything is backed up on disk or memory stick, as there is a lot of work shown here and this will be part of the course final assessment for HE points.

This is ongoing, you have made an excellent start on a general book, try now to think of an area that inspires you a lot e.g. nature, landscapes, buildings, geology, coastlines, ethnic, any area that you can take forward to develop designs from throughout course.

Your blog shows how much work you have done here with references to websites, books etc.

This is interesting work, lots of different implements used with good effect giving a wide variety of surfaces which could be interpreted in stitch /fabric. You seem to like primary colours in your mark making yet a quick look at stitching which is in very neutral colours.

You have some lovely textured marks especially from the drain covers, melted oils etc. I am sure you have realised that marks like these could all be applied to fabrics for backgrounds etc.

Your methods of printing on to various papers are a good variety. I like how you have chosen different artists and looked at how they created marks. I can see Pollock and Van Gough in what you have sent as well as others in your blog.
You seem quite drawn to straight lines and grids but also to patterns in nature, the lace like patterns of your decaying flower and the wings of the butterfly.

Handwork--- this is very well displayed and presented, threads all in neutral colours and mainly shiny fine threads, was this deliberate? Have you thought how brighter threads, also thicker threads would work? What effect would coloured backgrounds have? You have shown a wide range of stitches, very neatly worked. Have a look at the way Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn use threads in an experimental way for mark making.

Machine work, you are competent here and show knowledge of your machine. Again look at the work of Alice Kettle; she does stitched portraits mainly in straight stitches, mark making with the needle.

Your worked samples for texture—the tree bark you have thought of words to describe the marks you could make with stitches and fabric with excellent results.
The work on bricks is novel and works well. It is good you have had a change of background fabric.
The beach scene would lend itself to fabric manipulation as well as couching the different threads. Here you have shown shiny, dull, matt, ribbons, torn fabrics etc. Well done.

This is an excellent beginning to the course, keep up the good work.
Its an idea to keep a copy of the blog on disc with each assignment that way everything can be crossed referenced

Rosemarie Smith Tutor 17/11/10

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  1. It was great to get my first feedback from the tutor today.

    From my feeback I shall now
    1) set a timetable - which I'll put on my blog to encourage me to stick to it
    2) make a note of time spent (as I carried away and spend hours without realising)
    3) not be so harsh on myself!

    The feedback also comments on my use of nuetral backgrouds and threads. I do love colour, and maybe because of this I felt that because the assignment was about making marks, I didn't want to distract myself with anything other than the movement of the thread / yarn. So shyed away from colour all together. Maybe in future I need to give myself more freedom, whilst still practising control!