October Sketchbook

I still haven't been able to get into the hang of keeping a sketchbook, and have been spending any spare time concentrating on trying to get the first assignment finished, rather than sketchbook work. I guess this is partly because I'm more comfortable with stitching than sketching, and also because of lack of time.


This is an image I took of a brick wall covered in lichen and moss. I loved the different textures and colours, as well as the gorgeous old red brick that we're lucky to have loads of in Devon.

First I tried to capture the image using pastels (a medium I'm not used to) but the colours all seemed to merge together, and didn't give the build up of texture I was after.

I then (bravely) tried again using oil paints. As I'm not very comfortable at painting, I used a spatula to spread the paint on, rather than using brush strokes. I felt much happier with this, as the effect looked really rough, which I felt was the same feeling as the wall.


This ink drawing is based on an image I took on Woolacombe beach in the summer. I was fascinated by all the different patters made by shoes in the sand.

I modified the contrast of the image in photoshop to try and bring the patterns out more.

My rough ink drawing was intended to bring out the patterns in strong bold lines, with the intention of turning the patterns into stitches.


I have since become intrigued with shoe prints, and the array of different patterns on them, hidden away. I wonder why so much effort is made on something that is rarely seen? ... maybe only in the rain or snow!

I made rubbings with graphite of loads of mine and my little girls shoes. This is something I'd like to go back to and experiment with more, and I love the random patterns!


This is a painting I did a while ago, and just found... a pepper and an onion, painted using gouache. I remember finding it hard to get the light and shade right, but overall I'm pleased with it - and you can defiantly tell what they are!

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