Project 2 - achievements

I have enjoyed the stitching exercises much more than the mark making ones, as thread is much easier to work with ... you can unpick things and start again if they go wrong! Although I do think it is hard to separate the two, and any time I take photographs or do work in my sketchbook, in the back of my mind I'm always thinking how it can be developed into textiles.

I have been finding it hard to choose the source materials, as I've so many great photographs with brilliant textures. However, I haven't been working as much on the sketchbook as I should have, so I don't really have much material from that. I've also been finding the process a little difficult, as I've tending to find a photograph I want to stitch, then do some work in my sketchbook on that photo. So I definitely need to work harder on my sketchbook and not just rely on photos.

I am happy with the samples I have produced, although I felt that I had to stop to urge to over work them, and to just concentrate on the particular stitches. I think the bricks and beach samples work better than the others, and could be developed into something much more interesting. I also liked experimenting with simple lines for the rabbits, and see that as something I could use on a personal level, decorating cushions etc. I think the tree and footprints were a little dull, and lacked anything special, however I would like to play around more with the footprint patterns, maybe looking at the patterns in print techniques rather than stitch.

I enjoyed working with both the stitches and yarns, and as they both have different properties. I find it hard to be constricted to a certain medium and I find my creative imagination works much better when I know I can work with anything. However I much prefer to work from and be inspired by drawings and images, than to play around and create effects with no prompts.

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