Project 3 - Achievements

I enjoy colour a great deal and thought I'd really enjoy this project, but I found it hard to really connect with the colours in the ways I think I should.

The colour mixing was good practise, and I think it's something I can practise a lot more to become better at. My real problem was using the colours in a more expressive emotion way, and seeing them in anything other than a colour.

After using a lot of different paints on this course, so far acrylic and gouache are defiantly my favourite to use for colour mixing. The paints are more dense, so the colours somehow mix better and more evenly. The watercolour paint is a little too wishy washy and doesn't blend as well, especially when something has shading and the colour needs to blend slowly.

I found the paint mixing much more fun than the sample stitches. I guess it's easier to mix paint to the right shades, where as using threads is much more limiting - to the shades produced and the ones you actually own. I think I would enjoy it more if I was working on a bigger scale, as then you could mix colours, stand back and they would merge as in a Seurat painting. But on such a small scale it's hard to achieve this.

I would like to do some work with coloured stitches using machine embroidery, as (due to speed) I would be able to be a larger sample and mix the colours together better, giving a more paint like effect.

A great example of the sort of work i'd like to try is this pear below by textile artist Cindy Hickok pear1.jpg

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