Project 3 - colour





I spent a while at the beginning of project 3 playing with colours. I enjoyed mixing various paints to get different tints, shades and hues. And it was great practise to have a play around. I'm just about to send off a book of colour mixing, as there are a few colours I've spent hours trying to mix without any luck. I'm after a pinky-purple and just keep ending up with brown!


I found exercise 1 in stage 2 a little tricky. The idea was to see how colour changes depending on what other colour it's next to. But despite trying the exercise several times, using different colours, I could never see any difference.
In the end I searched on google, and found that I could only really see colour changes when the circumstances made the colour look different. I.e. an optical illusion like below. I also found that this was much stronger on black and white, that when in colour... not sure why!illusion.jpg


  1. I remember doing this project :) The optical illusion is great, it is strange the way our minds see the colour even though they are the same (I know because I previously printed it off to compare them!).

    I found Joseph Albers - Interaction of colour a really useful book to look at for this section.

    Have fun!

  2. I know, I didn't believe it, I had to do that too! LOL. Thanks for the tip, I sometimes get drowned in all the recommended books!