Project 3 - an extra sample



Full of enthusiasm from looking at Cindy's work yesterday, I did some freestyle machine embroidery of the pomegranate I painted.

For a first attempt it came out really well. I started with a grid then filled in the detail. I didn't have all the colours of thread I wanted (I would of liked some lilac), so used a golden top thread for the main stitching, with a pink bobbin (as I think pomegranates always have a pink undertone). I then added more top thread for detail; pink, brown, lighter orange and sand. After I added the colours, I then went over them with the base colour, to blend them in more. The shape went a bit distorted when rinsing out the water-soluble fabric, and ended up more pumpkin than pomegranate, but overall I'm pleased, and enjoyed the speed of results.

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