Project 3 - Mixing colours



This is my first attempt of trying to match colours to those in an image. I found this really hard, and the only pill I was pleased with was the orange one. I guess i was trying to paint the image rather than match the colours, but it was still hard to do.

I used oil on the yellow pill, which was near impossible to work with. I hate oil! The colours didn't blend and just sat on top of each other.

The middle pills are gouache, which worked much better. However, the colours still aren't mixed together well, they are too blocky and don't flow together well (other than the orange).

The last blue pill is watercolour. I think I was way too impatient painting this, as there seemed too much water, and all the colours blended together and became blotchy. In hindsight, I should of waited for the watercolour to dry in between colours.


My attempt at painting objects went much better and I am really pleased with the 2 watercolours. The colours matched the hues I was looking at perfectly... so much so, that I tried to pick the biscuit up to eat it! LOL.
I also tried to do the pomegranate in oil, with little dots - pointillism style, but I couldn't get the colours mixed right, and it ended up looking like an onion.

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