Project 3 - Samples of colour


The first samples were mixing primary and pastel colours to see what effect different proportions of colour made. Again, as with the coloured squares earlier, I didn't really see any changes in colours. For example when I used lots of blue crosses and 1 yellow cross, compared to lots of yellows and one blue... they looked both the same. Maybe I really need to develop my sensitivity around colour. I think I might invest in a few books, as I'm shocked ... because I thought I was quiet into colour.


My next sample was to recreate a pointillism style image using french knots. I cheated a little but choosing a beautiful french meadow that was pretty much made up of dots of colour. I was pleased with the sample and thought it reflected the colours well, and took me right back to that meadow. The colours were very peaceful and pastel, but then brought alive with the bright red poppy.


  1. What a gorgeous sample of a French meadow, full of life.

  2. Thank you!

    That meadow seems so far away today, with this awful cold weather! Maybe I need to embroider loads of cushions to remind me of the summer!