Project 4 - Design and Form


The first stage of design and form is about making space move.

I experimented with placing the squares and lines in different positions to change the visual energy of the boxes, by creating static (peaceful) and dynamic (tension) arrangements.

I felt the first line of boxes are static, as the eye is immediately focused in the one area and doesn't dart around, whilst the other two rows made your eyes scan around the boxes.

It was interesting to see that having 4 squares in the corners had a similar effect to one square in the middle, as the eye was drawn to the white space. The effect of then moving one of these squares firstly slightly out of line and then removing one altogether, both created a dynamic arrangement as your eye first scans the box then goes to the odd one out.

As with the lines, the last one obviously causes tension as the lines cross in various directions, but it was interesting to note that by keeping the lines in the same place but changing the line thickness also had the same effect.

I enjoyed this experiment and it made me realise more than I thought it would. Previously I hadn't even considered that placement of objects had an effect of how you viewed an image.

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