Project 4 - Shapes and drawing


I painted some sections of the following source images, using a view finder. I tired to get a mix of both closeup and distance views, and static and active energy.

The 1st view is peaceful, with your eye being drawn along the bottom of the of the image, across the fields. Whilst there's a lot going on in the 2nd image, you are still automatically drawn to the large tree in the centre, as it's the darkest point. The 3rd image takes your eye on a journey from the bottom left to the top right, and whilst there's still a lot going on, the journey is calm. The final image leaves me feeling uneasy, by creating a lot of tension with scattered dark and light patterns everywhere.


I'd say all of these images are busy and energetic, apart from the 3rd one, where attention settles in the bottom left hand corner. The 1st one is particularly dynamic, with the mix of colours, harsh black and white and sudden spot of red.


As all of these images are very colourful and full of shapes, I feel they are all dynamic. It's interesting to see the 1st one draws your eyes down and the second draws them up. I wonder how much of this is natural, and how much is because I know it was drawn upside down or because I automatically put the image in context?

The final one also draws you eyes across the image, settling in the top half. I find this image peaceful, as it has the clutter at the top but a peaceful blue place to rest in when it gets too much!


The second part of this stage was to spilt one of the above images into texture, colour and shape.


I found this process quite difficult, as I guess I normally "see" an image as a whole rather than separate components. I found myself having to view other people's work and forcing myself to do the above 3 images, rather than doing the same image 3 times. I still feel I have a long way to go to free myself up, as the texture image still has shapes and colour.


The next stage was to rework the images using one of the 3 components. Again, I need work on this, because by using big bold blocks of colour, I feel I Incorporated both colour and shape.

I first painted the image, taking a mix of items from the source photo, I then drew a digital image, to make the shapes more clearly defined and blocky.


I experimented with quality street wrappers (as the original image was Christmas scene - and quality street scream Christmas!) and pastels. I choose pastels because I really dislike them (because they are so messy and they don't give the definition I love) and thought I might learn something but using something I didn't like. I learnt that I really hate them, and they really didn't work on the image I was working with, because they were too "fluffy".


My last image was my attempt to free myself up. I took the same colours of wrappers I'd use before and placed them in the same positions in rough blocks of colour. Whilst the effect is very basic, it was a good exercises for me. I also loved the way the wrappers changed colours when overlapped!

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