Interlude - Images transfer

I've been playing around with different image transfer techniques.

I managed to get some paper from the local florist, which when ironed, printed really well onto cotton. I'm now keeping an eye out for a mixture of different papers - as sadly my local florist only had leopard print!

I also tried transfering a photocopied picture using Image maker .

I copied it on both cotton and hessium, just to see how it would work. I was surprised to see the image actually work on the Hessian, as I thought it would be too rough. I prefer this one, as it's come off in places, and makes it looks really old, like it's always been there.

The  final attempt was printing an image from my computer onto acetate. I was following instructions to print the acetate, then use a medium gel to lift the image. However I found my printer didn't like acetates, so the ink stayed wet... which was easily pressed onto the fabric.

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