Interlude - markel paintstiks

I got some new gorgeous iridescent markel paintstiks  for Christmas (a present to myself, which I managed to get from ebay for a £10!)


I played around taking rubbings of anything I could find, and the results are so pretty. I wanted to go out and rub some drains (as I did in the mark making exercise) but it was sadly raining. I rubbed a glass window, wicker basket, biscuit tin and wallpaper.

I then cut a simple stencil from acetate, and used my finger to smudge the paintstik onto the fabric - mixing red in a few points. You can also create soft forms by stroking the paintstik on some paper then uses a (stencil type) brush to smudge it off.

I was so surprised at how bold the colours were in the rubbings and text, yet by smudging them, they can be applied really delicately.

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