Interlude - silk painting

I experimented with some batik silk painting equipment I've had for ages and never used.


I used wax and tjanting tool to draw butterflies and words on the silk, then painted the silk blue with some silk paint. Other than a few accidental drips, I was surprised how easily it was to write and draw tjanting tool.

I then used other colours to fill in the butterflies;
- the yellow and orange one was painted all orange and then had some red added to see how well the colours mixed.
- the green one was originally blue, in which I dropped yellow paint on (and around) to see how far the yellow would "creep" into the blue.
- the red was painted red at the bottom and just water at the top, to gauge how the paint looked when watered down.
- I also added some salt in the top lefthand corner. I love the way the colour was removed until it hit the next bit of sort - giving a ripple type effect.
- I added a few drops of "silk paint resist" in the bottom right corner - just to see what it did. At first it completely removed the paint, but as it spread and got less concentrated, it just watered it down - but left an interesting dark circle ring where it ended.
- Lastly I used a clear outliner to draw a few more butterflies on the dried blue paint, and coloured them with red, to form a purplish colour.

Overall I'm pleased with the results, although just a very messy practise, it's given me ideas of how the patterns and techniques could be developed into other designs.

The sample on the top right, was a cotton fabric. I dropped leftover silk paint onto the fabric, then put a potato mash on top of it whilst it dried - which surprisingly acted as a resist.

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