Project 5 - achievements

Do you feel you made a good selection from your drawings to use as source material for your design ideas? Which interpretations worked best; can you say why?
I'm not really happy with my achievements for this stage. I think because I have spent so long (nearly a year) waiting for my dyslexic help, this project has been in the background all this time. This has made the printing designs kind of stale, and have meant I have lacked any real inspiration when it's come to the actual printing.

I'm so sick of seeing the designs I made in project 4, that I think the best thing to do is finish this assignment, move onto the next one, and maybe come back to making some prints at a later stage.

Which fabrics did you choose; what particular qualities appealed to you?
The fabrics I choose were pretty limited. I have decided to do a silk painting (as i felt it reflected the delicate nature of the sea urchin) therefore used silf fabric, I then did a rust print, which meant I had to use cotton (as it takes up the rust the best). I did try to do some printing on linen, velvet, wool etc, but didn't really feel inspired to use anything other than cotton.

Is the scale of marks and shapes on your samples appropriate to the fabric? are they well placed, and were you aware of the negative / positive shapes or contrasting / harmonising and balance between the two that produces an interesting tension?
I think the only print I could of done on a different fabric, would of been the screenprinting. This might of been interesting on a sheer fabric, or something with an open weave - to add more interest. I feel this sample had too much white space, and it needed to be reworked, so that the prints were closer together - maybe with another design in the middle?

I feel the balance on the urchin samples is just right - with the right combination of marks and spaces.
How successful do you think your larger sample is? Do you like the design? Have you recreated or extended your ideas from the smaller samples so that there is a visible development between the two?
As mentioned in the rust post, I feel something could be added in the middle of the design, but like the way your eye is drawn into the middle. Whilst the pattern is nothing like the original image, I'm happy with the way it progressed.

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