Project 5 - after thought on repeating patterns

I think I had real struggles in seeing a image and image that it could be made into a repeating design - other than obvious images like circles!

So Inspired by fellow OCA student's lovely repeating leaves (below) I've decided to have a look into the best way to repeat designs.

The above image used the technique on this blog where an image was drawn on paper, then rearranged and a second image drawn in the gap in the middle. For some reason I can't get my head around this, and it feels a bit arkward, as you'd wouldn't really be able to know the space for the second image until you'd done the first.

So being more of a technical person, I've looked for ways you can repeat images using a computer. The post on this blog  is perfect, and describes how to use Illustrator to make repeats.

I think what I've been struggling with is to how to make an design seemless, and look like one big pattern rather than made up for one image repeated.

What Illustrator can do is take an image (the flower at the top) that overlaps the edge of the design and repeat it at the bottom. As a visual person, I find this much easier to get my head around ... especially as you can rearrange things on the page and get immediate results.

There is also an amazing free addon for Illustrator from, which automatically makes the patterns repeat across the whole screen. I'll be getting a copy of Illustrator in the next few weeks - so will try this as soon as I do!

And this addon one seems to do everything you'd need, and uses lots of different repeating systems (drop, half drop etc.) It's not free, but they do offer a 50% student discount - and a 30 day money back guarantee - so I might try that one too and report back!

Once I've got this software, I may have another go at doing a larger print sample...

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