Sample 1 - Gocco printing

I got myself a lovely gocco printer a few months back, and so far have only used it to make Christmas cards for my little girl.


Today I experimented with a repeating print. They sell "Gocco Stamps Kits", but as they are no longer made they cost for a fortune. So I made my own, by using a "plastering float" that I bought from a DIY shop for £3.00. I simply added a layer of wadding, then taped the inked screen onto the float using masking tape - it worked perfectly.


Here's the finished print. I still have to figure out how to get the perfect print (I used a inkjet printer for my image instead of the recommended laserjet) and I really need to take time in working out the spacing etc. for an aligned repeating pattern. At the moment, I feel there is too much white space, so I think the design could be reworked to move the patterns closer together, and maybe have another pattern in the middle of them.


I also experimented on small scraps of fabric (printed cotton, velvet, felted wool mix, fleece) but I didn't feel the different fabrics added anything to the print.


And here is the original image, which I used to kaleidoscope the design from.



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