Sample 2 - Sea Urchin

I used some images of a sea urchin to create a few samples.


This sample is using silk painting, with a silk outliner as a resist. I found it difficult to capture the colours using my 3 silk paints, and my old outliner wasn't really upto scratch, as some of the colours bleed through. But I think the overall effect captures the urchin well, with the delicateness of the silk and paint reflecting the shell.


This sample I tried to capture the patterns of the urchin using styrofoam. I cut the urchin out then used various pens to mark out the shapes. I took part of the urchin and repeated it 8 times using iridescent acrylic paint. I love the way it looks like a doilie, and I can see how this could be the basis of something - using stitch to emphasis various patterns. But I think the styrofoam didn't hold up well to too many prints and some look a little smudgey - maybe this could be improved by using different paints, a larger shape - so the pen marks would show up better?

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