Sample 3 - rust print

The last sample for the printing project is a rust print.

I took inspiration from image 1, which came from image 2, which came from image 3! I wanted to create a rust print loosely based on the spiky 3 pointed shape in the image.




I used a combination of old bike parts and spanners. I bought the spanners at a car boot sale from an old farmer. He said they were old farm machinery tools and he'd had them unused in a box for years, but couldn't bear to chuck them away ... so it makes me smile that they've been given a new lease of life.

rust spanners.jpg

rust print.jpg

Interestingly some of the spanners didn't mark at all, so the pattern didn't quiet turn out like I expected, but that's the beauty of natural printing. I'm really happy with how well the tools rusted through both sides of the fabric to make the image symmetrical.

I think this piece would make a great background to add to - embroidery or appliqu├ęd fabric? The eye is drawn straight to the blank area in the middle, so it would be nice to put something small in there... maybe tiny embroidered words?

I also did a sample of rust into velvet. Whislt the pattern didn't come out as well, it made interesting colours - and it would be great to use this with some devore - almost like the rust has eaten into the fabric!

velvet rust.jpg

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