Sketchbook - honesty

As i've been feeling a bit uninspired (from the printing assignment) I've decided to spend a week doing sketchbook stuff.

And as I don't think I can draw very well, I've decided to copy (is that cheating?) other peoples images / styles / ideas to get some confidence up, before sketching from real life.

As flowers are the thing I feel most comfortable with, I started by buying some new books to inspire me, Experimental Flowers in Watercolour and Botany for the Artist. The first book shows how to create an image in lots of different ways and the second provides a more detailed and visiually correct interpreation.


Here is my first experimentation - with honesty. The first image is inspired from Experimental Watercolours, the other 2 are inspired from images on flickr. Then I added one made with black card and iridescent film - to try and capture the translucent effect of honesty.


I also created an image by drawing the honest with a wax candle, the added  watercolour wash (I love how this makes the honesty shine in the light) then drew the outline with burnt wood from the fire. The final piece was a red inkpad print, which I made using funkyfoam.


I also recenty discovered Cate Parr who paints amazing faces in watercolour. I love the way she uses the white of the page as part of the picture - something I don't do enough. I tried to copy one of her faces (but her's are a million times better!) to get a feel of how to use my new watercolours.


I also did a pretty watercolour doodle - inspired by Stephanie Corfee to get a feel of how the paints flowed together... although hers was much prettier!


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  1. I absolutely love your version of Cate Parr's picture, such grace and beauty. Thank you for introducing me to her, I hadn't heard of her before. I love her picture of Bridget Bardot. Amazing! I have just started the OCA Textiles course and am enjoying it immensely so far. Have just started my learning log and am finding sketching a bit daunting. Sadly I am in the South East so cannot be part of your group. Is there something similar for Kent area do you know? Julie