Assignment 3 - Applique

I experimented with several appliqué techniques. Rather than do what the handbook said (play around then see if any samples match images) I  found interesting images, then matched the appliqué to them.


For the water sample, I was trying to capture the reflection of the light on the ripples. I used a sheer irredcent ribbon, and stitched it on in a random wavy pattern. I think this might look better with lots of different shades of blues, to enhance the ripple effect better.

To capture the shapes of a poppy field, I cut applied bondaweb to red satin, then cut it into strips and circles. I then ironed then onto fabric. I'm not sure the strips worked as hoped, but I love the way the circles are ironed on at different angles, reflecting the light in different ways. Maybe these reflective properties would of worked well for the water?

The other poppy sample (close up below) was created by adding lots of red circles of cotton, organza and wool within some water soluable film. I held it tight in a hoop, then stitched green thread - in a stalk direction - capturing as much as I could. I then completely dissolved the fabric - and was very surprised how much stayed put!



The skeleton remains of a flower (see close up) is stitched netting (decaying) onto silk (delicate), then cut out the netting. The sample looks much better in life than photo. The effect is very subtle, but I feel it could work very well within a larger piece.

The tree bark is brown satin, stitched onto some plain calico. I then used a heat gun to burn down the lines of stitching, which melted areas of the fabric away. The smaller sample on the top is where I experimented using a Fabric Master to cut / burn the fabric. I don;t think the sample turned out like the bark at all, but it could be an effect used in another sample.



My final sample was inspired from a BOOK . I sketched a "journey", which was the bits I remembered (with the help of google streetview) from my daily journey to school. I then cut out a tiny view finder and picked 6 interesting shapes. I then enlarged the squares and used various fabrics and stitches to create the appliqué. My 2 favourite bits are the felted "R" and the way the stitching around the felt really makes it stand out, yet links it to the background fabric - rather than just felt stuck on top. I also like the satin windows, and the way the stretch stitch gives the image a roughness - almost like my sketching style!


[front door, arch at top of road, Victorian shopfront mosaic tiles, buildings, the cliffs and sea, the STEEP road, school]


[cotton, leather, netting & felt, netting & corduroy, satin, fleece]

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