The Next Great Artist

I love watching programmes like Americas Next Top Model, and often find art programmes too intimidating ... so was really excited that a Sky programme called "The Next Great Artist" started on Sky Arts this week.
Fourteen aspiring artists push the limits of their technical skills and creative boundaries in weekly assignments to create unique pieces of art in a variety of mediums and become the Next Great Artist.
I've just watched the first programme, and it was really interesting to see my favourite pieces were also the judges favourite pieces. I often find I don't get certain types of art (e.g. abstract), so it was really reassuring that the judges thought the same about some "portraits" that clearly weren't! I was also surprised to like the artist that did a photograph, and appreciate his work ... as I guess I'm quiet traditional and normally would of thought that was less artist , because there was no paint involved! I have just pressed to record the series, so hope to continue to learn and be surprised.

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