Weekly blog roundup (2)


I saw this cute how to on scoutiegirl involving both fabric manipulation and my current favourite item lace doilies. The doilies were soaked in a cornstarch and water solution then hung over an upsidedown glass to dry. It would be interesting to see if this effect is permanent and maybe see the results with using PVA instead of cornstarch, as advised in project 6.


I'm still struggling to find the inspiration to do my sketchbook, the main part of this struggle is due to my lack of confidence in my drawing ability. I find it really inspirational to keep a collection of images I like from other artists.  Andrea Shear is one of those artists that paints really simple but beautiful watercolours. She almost makes it look easy, but I'm aware now from experience that it's far from easy!


Since I have moved on to assignment 3, I have been noticing fabric manipulation everywhere. A recent fashion show on the craftzine blog had two great examples of this within dress designs. The first image (by designer Lucy Faulke) is using pleats and the second (by designer Heather Orr) is using some kind of knitted tubes to create a 3-D effect.



I recently found the sketchbook challenge blog, which is full of useful information and inspirational sketches. They recently had a post about great doodle websites, which had some good links. As with most things on the Internet, once you follow a link, you then get drawn into following more links. From the original post I found a great site called Doodlers Anonymous and somehow found Michael Nobbs website, which is full of really inspiring information.


I've been meaning to buy some proper screen printing equipment at ages. But I saw a great idea for screen printing the other day from Skinny Laminx, where she simply used an embroidery hoop, some net, and a credit card as a squeegee. I think I sometimes get too carried away with the excitement of buying new equipment, rather than concentrating on the actual process.


  1. Hi Sarah

    I found your blog via a comment you left on Holly Norris's OCA blog.

    I am hugely impressed with both your website and also the amount of associated research that you do in addition to the coursework. You are ahead of me and looking at some of your posts has really helped me work through my own thoughts and ideas, athough some of your photos are not available to view.

    I plan to stop by from time to time, all the best with your studies.


  2. Hi Janet,

    That's spooky - I just left a post on your blog too!

    I have a list of about 30 OCA and 100 other blogs that I follow - I use Google reader, so they are all in one place, and easy to just flick through the new posts! I normally have a quick look of a morning while I'm still in bed and "star" the ones I like ... I've found so many inspirational ideas and images from them.

    Thanks for pointing out some of the images aren't working - I'll check that out!


  3. Thank you Sarah for adding me to the list, I have not really explored my OCA student account and resources properly, I will add to my 'to do list'!

  4. Hiya Sarah

    How funny i was thinking the other week how i used to love screen printing. Was wondering how i coukd achieve it without all the equipment we used at school. Any idea how you get the design on to net & what method & ink you use?

    So long ago can't remember :0)


  5. Think she probably used some Speedball Screen Filler or Drawing Fluid? Or I guess you could experiment with freezer paper - which you can iron it onto the net.