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Whilst this blog is primarily for my textiles degree, I also want to use it as a place to record my general creative thoughts.

Something I do every day is view loads of other blogs in my Google reader. As I view these on an iPod, I tend to "star" the posts that I find interesting, to either view in more detail or add exciting images to Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/2greenmonkey).

As I come across loads of creative ideas within these posts, I have decided to collect my favourite findings in a weekly blog Roundup. Because this is my first roundup, it will be a bit long as I have loads of cool things to add.


I came across this amazing video today about a Linotype machine. I have never seen or heard of one of these machines before, but being a lover of the old-fashioned letterpresses,instead of wanting and Adana letterpress I've now decided I need a Linotype ... If only I had the space!

"Linotype: The Film" Official Trailer from Linotype: The Film on Vimeo.


Sometimes I wish I still lived in London, as there seems to be so many exciting creative things going on there. I have just read about a screening of a feature length documentary called Blue Alchemy all about indigo dye. Luckily the documentary is also showing at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, along with an exhibition. Fingers crossed I may be able to get a babysitter, as I feel that I always miss out on exhibitions.


I came across some gorgeous sketches on enhabiten's blog the other day. The sketches remind me of natural ecoprints from the amazingly talented threadborne blog. I'm not sure if it's just the colours all the way the marks are made in such an organic way. thisI have no idea how threadborne  manages to get such amazing colours from her prints, as I have tried on many occasions and ended up with a brown mess. But I hope to explore this area more in the future.


I'm always adding new books to my Amazon wish list, and my latest want called Nurturing Walls: Animal Paintings by Meena Women, which is a beautiful collection of living art from Meena tribal homes in Rajasthan. The book contains real silkscreen prints of the original artwork, which is so refreshing in our modern-day of computers and printers.


I am currently on project 6 (Manipulating fabric) and just about to look into pleats, folds, tucks. Here is a gorgeous cushion from Betz White a great example of how to use pleats and an interesting way of smocking knitting.


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