A piece of my own - pineapple bowl

bowl bottom.jpg

After enjoying the printing and structure modules, I took a break to concentrate on some sketching, rather than think about what I wanted to make as a final piece.

My garden has started to come out in flower, so I sketched some seedlings opening. I loved the way the seeds opened in spirals, as they uncurled, so started looking for other things that had spirals in nature.

fern.jpg spiral.jpg flower.jpg

After alot of googling, I was amazed the read all about Fibonacci's spirals, and that most things in nature follow a particular pattern.


I found some particularly interesting videos on you tube, documenting the link between nature, spirals and maths.

This lead me to the idea of creating something to illustrate the pattern of Fibonacci's spirals. I later bought a pineapple (purely to see if it really would have 8 spirals going up and 13 across) and it did! I then developed the idea into a bowl, using the same number of "leaves" as on a pineapple. I wanted to do each spiral of leaves in a different colour, to make each spiral stand out.

pineapple.jpg pineapple2.jpg

I made the basic shape of a bowl, by using a fabric mache (small pieces of fabric and PVA glue) on a oiled glass bowl, then leaving it to dry and harden, before removing.


I then spent days trying to to get the leaves right on the bowl - mirroring how they would look on a pineapple. This was so much harder than it looked. I hadn't accounted for the fact that the bowl got bigger as it went up - something a pineapple doesn't do - so had to make the leaves out of paper, and stick them to the bowl, and keep resizing them until they made the spiral shape. Once I had the shapes right, I cut them out of fabric, stitched them together to form a neat top, then stitched them onto the fabric mache bowl.


I had wanted to print a pineapple design onto the leaves, but with the problem of getting the things on there, I couldn't remove them / print them attached, so ended up going over every one with some thread, to create a pattern... this also helped keep each leaf in place. I also added a lining inside the bowl to neaten it. If I did this again, I would also add thin wadding inside each leaf to give it a bit more structure.

Whilst I'm not sure of the final piece (I think once you spend so long working on a piece, it drives you mad and you hate it!), I'm really happy with how the design process worked... from developing sketches to being inspired to form ideas.

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  1. Hi. I found your blog while searching for pictures based on the Art of Manipulating Fabric book. I love your study of nature & numbers. Very interesting and ... Beautiful!