Appliquéd sample

I wanted to use the layering and water soluble fabric again, along with the cutback appliqué - so I decided to use a peacock feather as inspiration.

I redrew a feather from my sketchbook and scanned it into my embroidery software. I then machine embroidered the design onto some organza and green fabric. I cutback the organza close to the stitching, and frayed it, to leave feather like fraying.


I also cut strips of peacock coloured fabrics and threads and trapped them under some water soluble fabric. I stitched a feather shape on top, removed the water soluable fabric, then again cut the fabrics close to the stitching - to reveal tiny feather like lines.


I'm not sure how happy I am with this. I love the way the fabric has frayed and become feather like, and the way it changes colour in different lights. But I think i'll avoid "copying" images / objects in the future, and become more experimental in my designs.

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