Assignment 2 - Final print

I've finally got around to uploading my final print sample from assignment 2.

lizard3.jpg  lizard2.jpg

I had a play around with an image I drew of a lizard. I was waiting to get Photoshop & Illustrator (which being an OCA student, I managed to get for just £200 from Amazon - Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Standard, Student & Teacher version (PC) ) so that I could play around with repeating it, but now i've actually got the software I've realised leanring to use it is going to be a project in itself!

I eventually redrew the lizard by hand and used an photocopier to copy and cut up and repeat the design. I wanted the print not to look like a lizard until you really looked closed up, so removed some of it's features and just kept the eye when I made the print screen.

I wanted to base the colour on the fabric from a cushion I have, so used my Gocco printer - as appose to screen printing - as you are able to use lots of colours at the same time.

lizard repeat.jpg  lizardfabric.jpg

I made the final print on 2 background colours. I think they yellow really makes the print pop, where as the lilac seems to dirty the colours. I'm really pleased with the final prints, and it's given me much more confidence to take a sketchbook image and turn it into a design.

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