Project 6 - achievements

How does working with fabric in this way compare with working directly with stitch?
I love the way different fabrics feel and hang - from a stiff calico to the softness of silk, so I love being able to use the fabric itself to form shapes rather than just rely on stitch. I would naturally use a combination of both, so found just using stitch a bit limiting. I most enjoyed using the disposable fabric, appliqué and creating shapes with boiled molded fabric (I think it's magic that the fabric can turn and stay into a different).

Are you pleased with the shapes and movements that you have created in both applique and fabric manipulation? What would you do differently?
I created some interesting shapes, but feel the plain cream samples work best. I always feel that I need to concentrate on the project method (i.e. manipulation and that anything else (colour) gets in the way and complicates the processes. I can't seem to get my head around combining more than one thing yet! I have now learn't that things look much better if they are not copied from an object ... I liked the effects  of the feather, but felt the overall piece looked a bit child like.

How did the pieces work in relation to your drawings? Were the final results very different from the drawings? Did the fabric manipulation technique take over and dictate the final result?
For the tree bark piece, I had a clear image in my mind, as to what I would do. But after boiling, pleating and stuffing the silk, the piece took on it's own life. At the end, I stopped looking at the image it was from, and just added stitches to create an interesting effect ... a technique I found very useful!

Was it helpful to work from the drawings in the applique' exercise? Would you have preferred to play directly with cut shapes and materials?
I think it's always helpful to have some sort of guidance (to inspire you), and being told to use images to base the appliqué on did that. Had I not been looking at images, I would not of thought to use  appliquéd ribbon (water ripples) or burning into satin (tree bark).

How do you feel about working with stitch in general?  Is it a area you would like to pursue in more depth?  Do you find it limiting in any way?
I really enjoy working with stitch, along with other methods, and would like to explore it in other ways. I think I need to explore stitch in alternate ways to how I normally use it, so for example on a really large scale ... just to get out of my comfort zone.

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