Project 7 - achievements

Can you see a continuous thread of development from your original drawings and samples to the final designs?

I feel the design process for project 7 was completely different  to other design development. Previously I worked by focusing on the outcome and then created drawings and images that I could use for that final piece. However on this project I went away and collected various images in my sketchbook, then looked at those images and started to develop them - still without a final peace in mind. It was only once I had developed the images (of the seed / ferns) into a collection of images of spirals from nature did I then began to think how these images could be developed in terms of manipulating fabric. I felt the whole process was much more fluid and natural in terms of the design process.

Do you feel you made the right decisions at each stage of the design process? If not, can you say what changes you would make? 

I am happy up with the decisions I made in the process, up to the the action of actually making of the bowl. I had really wanted to print and pad the leaves,  but I didn't anticipate how difficult the actual construction was. Therefore once I had spent hours (and hours) trying to get the construction right, it was impossible to deconstruct to add print or padding.

Maybe I need to have more patience, and make a practise piece first to get the structure right before I make the final piece. I felt to my lack of knowledge of construction / pattern making or generally being able to piece the pieces together hindered me. I seemed to think there should be some mathematical way of working out the size of the leaves and the angle, however because I just made it up as I went along it took a lot longer and is probably not as accurate as I had hoped.

Were you able to interpret your ideas well within the techniques and materials you chose to work with?

My ideas were captured well with the techniques and materials I used, however as mentioned above I think the lack of skills and knowledge in putting them together let me down.

How successful is your final design in terms of being inventive within the medium and coherent as a whole?

I am happy with the final design and I feel the whole project is very coherent and an inventive use of manipulation fabric. If I were to do the piece again, I would make it much bigger (as well as the padding and printing) to emphasis the spiral more, and make sure the finish was more professional.

Did you enjoy making the piece? Is it a good interpretation of your idea, and do you like it?

I enjoyed the beginning of the process, but got increasingly frustrated as the construction took more and more time. Maybe if I come back to it in a few months I might like it, but my frustrations with myself overwhelmed everything else. However, I am pleased that the piece is a very good interpretation of my original idea.

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