Smocking, Tucking, Quilting and stuffing

More smocking

smocked closeup.jpg smocked.jpg smocked back.jpg

Here is another smocked sample. I used hand stitching on checked fabric, so it would be easier to make the stitches even. The last image is the back of the smocking - equally as interesting!

Quilting (stitching through 3 layers of fabric)


I stitched these with a double wadding layer in the middle, to enhance the quilting effect.

Stuffing (inserted between 2 layers of fabric, confined within seamed boundaries)


I stitched these designs on linen on my embroidery machine, then stuffed by hand with wadding. I love the combination of the raised surfaces and the plain stitching. When I have more time, I've love to experiment using transparent organza stuffed with colourful things!

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