I have been thinking of lots of different ideas that interest me that I can use for the theme book.

My first thought was to do something related to the garden and flowers as it's spring and that's where my focus us at the moment. However I think that might be a bit obvious and easy route from me to go down.

I then started thinking that I would like to do something that challenges the way the things are viewed. I brainstormed these initial ideas...
  • Looking through things instead of looking at item. e.g. focusing through a keyhole rather than the door
  • Looking at things through obsticles e.g. a view of an object outside of water from underwater
  • Negative space as opposed to positive space
  • Looking from a different angle e.g. a flower from it's underside
  • Making really small items big /enlarged (marco) ... have seen somewhere a good art exercise of putting a brush on a long stick and painting in really large scale
  • Making large images small
  • Viewing images from a distance (like earth images from the sky / maps)
  • Capture images from different animals perspectives (e.g. dogs see in black and white, flys with multiple eyes, rabbits fuzzy focus etc.) < I'd need to research which of these are actually true!
  • Journeys from different persepctives (i.e. familar journey from a dogs view)
I've also started a board on Pinterest, collecting images relating to ideas above ... here are some recent images I've added.

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