More Themebook ideas

I've been finding lots of inspiration whilst on holiday. The one thing I've been noticing everywhere is shadows ... Probably because Florida has a lot more sun than rainy old England!

I love the way boring objects can create beautiful interesting shadows, and the way layered objects create shadows on each other, to form unusual textures. I've got some lovely pictures and sketches of leaves than illustrate this. This reminds me of the way fabric such as organza can create differing effects when layered. Some of the patterns I've seen remind me of lace,... which reminds me of the lost in lace exhibition, where looking through layers of lace created a different effect than a single layer.

Ive also been thinking about light and shapes and how simple shapes can be turned into something else, like shadow animals or much more complex like the following artists make Kumi Yamashita, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, and Fred Eerdekens.

I've added a new Pinterest board of interesting shadows and works from above artists  ...

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