Assignment 4 - Interlude to project 8

The task was to anlysis colour texture and proportion.

For the first image I chose a watercolour painting postcard by Shirley Trevena, mainly because I loved the colours the loose way she paints with them. There were so many different shade of each colour it was hard to reproduce them all, so I manage to whittle it down to 11. I then matched the  the yarns using a wide mix of wools and threads textures, to emphasize the chaotic nature of the painting. Looking back at the threads the fuschia pink is very dominant. Interestingly I've now realised that because I was immediately drawn the the pink in the painting, I have some how over emphasised how much of it there actually was!


My second postcard was a lino print by Lisa Hooper. I chose this because I love the simplicity of lino prints, and the mix of clear bold outlines mixed with the merging of colours - like on the waxwings chest. I picked out 7 colours, and chose to represent them in the same type of thread - embroidery floss, to match the simplicity of the lino print. I was happy with most of the colours apart from the waxwings chest, in which the watercolours were too grey and the thread too brown / green. I learnt that the watercolours dried much paler, and I was limited by the embroidery floss I had (and there's nowhere in town I can buy that find of stuff!)


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