Project 8 - Textile Structures

I started this project by looking around and noticing interesting weaves everywhere... in magazines, samples of (leno) fabric, my new hammock and even the garden fence.


I experimented with making structures out of paper, card and ribbon.


Using an old postcard to block out half the image.


I particularly liked the ribbon weaving, as even though it was the same colour used on both warp and weft, the weaving really highlighted how the light hits the double satin ribbon ... and brought it to life.


I also experimented with braids, using examples from the coursebook. I used different colour ribbons to highlight the strands. It was interesting to see how a flat ribbon worked in the braids - particularly with the round braid, and it turned into an almost hollow structure.

Left to right: 4 strand chevron / 4 strand round / 4 strand flat / 3 strand plait 


Inspired by the image in the coursebook, I also made a plait from wool, which I then felted to form a more permanent plait

1st image shows felted at top / unfelted at bottom.

felted plait.jpg   rose.jpg

The next part of the project was to create a rigid frame and fill it in.

I joined 3 pipe cleaners together and bound with ribbon, with the aim of creating a circle. However as I started to add to the structure, it started to twist and bend and form it's own beautiful shape. The experiment completely took on a life of it's own (eerily the first image looks quite foetal) and turned into something very structural ... yet strangely still soft and fluid.

structure5.jpg structure7.jpg structure2.jpg


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