Project 8 - achievements

I was really pleased with my samples of matching colours of both the paint and yarns to the postcards. There was the learning curve of seeing the watercolour dry paler than expected, but I still think I got the feel of the colours right. I was also limited by the lack of thread colours I had, and the severe lack of shops in town to buy more! ... it's times like this when the joys of internet shopping let you down - by not being able to see the real colours and textures of things.

I think I initially found it hard to create structures from just my imagination and not from working from source material (as we have done from most of this course). Once I got into it, I enjoyed playing around with the pink sample (pipe cleaners and wool), because it was fluid, and the shape created itself rather than the other way around. Creating the braids and plaits were fun, but I felt because it was linked to something you did as a kid, it felt almost childlike and irrelevant.

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