Project 9 - woven structures

Before I've even finished project 8, I've managed to find my little girls toy weaving loom and had a play with it.

During the Jubilee (which I was sick of long before it had finished), I decided to weave all the bits from the weekend - local events programme, union jack napkins, along with ribbons & crepe paper that fell of my little girls jubilee dress (she won 1st prize with a very over the top dress I made her for the local Jubilee parade - am so proud!!!)

royalparade 2012.jpg

Although it turned out OK and held it's shape (I thought it would fall apart once I took it off the frame) and have some interesting bits - I particularly love the  texture of the ribbon, I'm so sick of red, white and blue now that I despise it!

jubilee1.jpg jubilee2.jpg

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