Rope and more strucutres

I really liked the way the wool felted after being plaited in the previous experiment, so I used 3 strands of wool and twisted them tight using my little girls hair braider (like a rope) until they twisted back on themselves. I then chucked the braid in the washing machine - which resulted in an interesting effect of a partial felted braid.


rope before / felted

DSCI1329.jpg  DSCI1340.jpg

I also worked on another structure this time using a grid. I somehow felt more constricted with this sample, and it took me ages to get into it. I just can't seem to get into making something that isn't based on any previous image / sketchbook work (which means I've learn a lot about process since doing this course)

The piece turned out really bad. I was going to start again, but felt it was important to keep this piece as a learning curve!

I wanted to create a weave based on my garden fence. My first mistake was to think that the washing line I used would keep any sort of shape. It was sort of OK when I first did it, but the just distorted and failed to keep the diamond criss cross that's so evidence on the fence. I wanted to weave fabric (honeysuckle plant) and thread (plant tendrils) around the weave, but at this stage it looked so bad, I didn't take much time over it.

The last mistake was to weave it around a frame, then try to cut it off ... as soon as it was removed from the frame it has just curled up in a mess.

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