Cool stuff

A latest list of cool stuff I have seen recently
  • recently had a MiniCard design contest with and you can now get some free amazingly cute mini cards from moo here you just need to pay £3.90 postage. They have some beautiful ready made designs ... I just spent half hour choosing and went with these cute illustrations. But I've got a scary feeling these cards could become addictive!

  • I've recently been trying to improve my drawing and sketchbook habit and have discovered lots of great tutorials online Suzet's studio has some great videos on YouTube 

  • Winsor and Newton also have a great resources page on their website, which includes "instructional and technique based videos , demos for Winsor & Newton products as well as interviews with artists demonstrating and discussing how they create their art."
  • I have updated my workshop pages with loads of other workshops that I hope to go on one day!

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