Project 9 - achievements

I used a variety of things from paper, wool to ricrac and nature! Although I had lots of yarns in my collections, I felt I didn't always have the right colours and textures that I wanted, so for the final piece I had to comprise and buy some super chunky wool and dye it. The thick chunky rough wool I used for this sample was a complete contrast to the smoothness of the embroidery floss that i used for the first experiment - and it would of produced a completely different feel of weave.

I'm not sure I enjoyed weaving as much as other techniques, as I found it a bit limiting... especially the final piece, which was just a simple flat square. Maybe this is because I am conditioned to think things should be bright and colourful to be interesting? ... hopefully this is something that will develop over the degree!

I did enjoy working from source material much more than the other tasks in this project and I was pleased with the final sample (even if the colours aren't right). There is something nice about the repetitiveness of the colours and pattern within the weave. If I was to change anything, I would of made the sample bigger on a proper loom, and maybe relook at the colour proportions, so it was less yellow and blue!

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