Working methods - learning log / assignment work / sketchbook

I met up with some other OCA textiles students the other week, and it was interesting to see how everyone works differently, so I thought I'd post the ways I work ... Which might be helpful to new students - as it's an area I found confusing at the start!


I use 4 sketchbooks;



I currently do all my assignment work on loose single sided A3 sheets. As I work on an assignment I hang the sheets up on pegs in my work space, so I can see where I'm at. Once the assignment is completed, I then file them all in poly pockets. I work this way (as a pose to using a sketchbook), so I can pick and choose what I send to assessment, and not have to rip up a sketchbook!



I use my blog as my learning log. I use it to upload all my assignment work, and add comments on how i felt each piece went. I also record all my thoughts about textile and art related things. I follow lots of blogs, so also use it to link back to any interesting posts or artists I find on the net. Most of the stuff I do on my blog is to keep an organised record for myself, so I can easily go back and find something months later!

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  1. As an afterthought (after submitting my assessment) I wanted to note that I would do things differently next time ... I would think more about how the work needed to be presented for assessment then work backwards ... as I found I spent a lot of time cutting up the A3 sheets I had presented my assignments on - to stick onto the large A1 mountboard I used for assessment!