Woven sample

I used the painting "starry night over the Rhine" by Van Gogh for my final weaving.

starry night.jpg

I painted a section of the painting to get a feel for the colours, then painted some lines of colour, in the proportion of colour from the painting. I wanted to use thick wool to weave with - to express the chunkiness of Van Gogh's panting style. As I couldn't find any wool in the colours I wanted, I tried dying white wool to match the required shades. The wool was 75% acrylic / 25% wool - so didn't take the dye as well as 100% wool would of.


I made the weaving on my childs loom, which isn't the best quality and the warps became a little wonky by the time I had finished. I used 8 weft to equal 1 line.


Over all, I felt the colours matched the painting well ... However, after I had a made the weaving I realised I had probably put more yellow in than was actually in the painting. I guess when I looked at the painting, I emphasised the colours that stood out more, or the ones I was more attracted to (something I think I also did which this exercise at the beginning of this project) rather than what i could actually see.

To see the extent of this, I used http://www.colourlovers.com/photocopa  to analysis the colours in the painting. It was interesting to see that the technical breakdown of colours was much more greens and greys than the blues and yellows I had chosen.

starrynight photocopa.jpg

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