Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

I'm using the time in between modules to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I purchased them a few months ago (being a student, you can get them at about 80% discount from Adobe education store!) and realised I hadn't used them for about 15 years, so had no idea of where to start.

So after months of waiting for a course to come up locally, I decided I needed to be proactive and teach myself. A friend recommended online training, so I signed up for a month (for about £25) and they have a huge list of courses I'm hoping to work through including Illustrator and Photoshop (they have basic, intermediate, advanced and lots of tips and inspirational videos) aswell as how to use a digital camera ... another thing I've never got around to learning.

I hope to get a stylus and try to master the art of digital drawing (am hoping there will be some use for this is my new drawing course). I just saw an amazing post on Design Instruct  where artist Zena Santos explains the process she goes through in Illustrator and Photoshop from a simple idea in her sketchbook to this amazing digital image.

Whilst I can only dream of being able to draw like that, I'm very excited about the possibilities using software will bring... like being able to change colourways at the touch of a button. On that note, I also want to mention Kuler - a cool website by Adobe in which you can create and view thousands of colour schemes!

I'm planning on using Illustrator to add a few bits to my work before submitting for assessment - so I'll make a note of what tools I used when I post.

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