Project 10 - design ideas

After collecting all my images, the ideas I had in my head were

A printed shadow with handstitched image. This was based on the idea of seeing something in a shadow, that was different from the object itself - similar to that of the shadow artists I have been researching.


Creating layers of shadows, to recreate the effect of shadows of different things on top of each other - with objects further away being lighters and having blurred lines.


Using tucks in fabric, to create meaningful shadow within the fabric.



I decided to develop the idea of layers of shadows, so relooked at the shadows of apple trees and lavendar and created some more drawings. I then reworked the images to create 5 "layers" of shadows.


I then thought about how I was going to translate these layers onto fabric and decided to paint on layers of silk, to capture the delicateness of shadows and to allow the transparency to show through. I experimented with different types of silk, to gauge transparency, and choose the chiffon as it was the most see through. I also tried adding depth to the layers by experimenting with acetates. Adding space between the layers worked really well and brought the design alive, as the layers became 3D and they changed as you moved it.

I thought about how to space the silk (frame, sponge padding, hoop?) and decided on embroidery hoops. I thought the hoops themselves would be decorative, as well as being able to hang them, meaning you saw both sides and would change the angel of the images as it slowly turned around.

design ideas.jpg

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