Project 10 - final piece

I created my final piece using 5 layers of silk, framed on embroidery hoops. I then glued all the hoops together and hung with a ribbon,


Close up of silk - showing the 5 layers of shadows.


hanging on the tree that inspired the design (complete with real shadows)

hanging tree.jpg

Images changing, as it swings around on the tree


After getting tutor feedback I was encouraged to explain a bit more why I made the decisions I did for the piece. Images - I choose a mixture of leaves from an apple tree and lavender. I wanted to find a mixture of clean simple lines that included big blocks of shapes and fine lines, as this made the most interesting effect when layering them together. Material - I considered various fabrics and the silk I choose had the best level of see-thoroughness, able to see through 5 layers, without being too sheer. It also had the properties of holding the ink well without bleeding or clumping. In the beginning I did think about applique, but instantly knew the ink would be much better, as it was sheer ... and they layering east more like real shadows. Layout - after I had decided on the points above I thought about how to present and hang the fabric. I knew the fabric needed to be kept tight, so it would need to be fixed to a frame of some sort. Whilst looking for frames, I considered what the finished piece would be "used" and loved the idea of it hanging in the home, so it could swing round and catch the light at different angles... with a certain door frame in mind. I then realised it had to be of a manageable size, and an embroidery hoop seemed to fit the brief perfectly, with the added ability to join them together easily, and the neat look of a circle. Had this piece been made for a gallery or large space, then I would have considered different frames.

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